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 One thing I dislike is stupid friends. The ones that makes stupid decisions on thee most important things in their lives. I breaking off a friendship with two friends. Neither knows each other. One: only a friend when to keep me as a friend. Otherwise, jealous, tries to top me in front of others and gets snotty. Then I get mad. Put one in check. After a while, the person will try to do it again. I don’t repeat cycles unless I like them.  The other has no sence of humor. Has the arrogance to push voice to topic that doesn’t require one opinion. Get real!! But the worst  is the loyality. Mines is always honest, faithful and with true loyality. What I received from this one was “now since I’m your friend I should be able to walk over you” . No Way!!!! Became friends with a foe or shall I say wanna be foe, then defend the person to me for no apparent reason. With more dissappointments than appreciation, bad times than joy and more fickle than personification this person believes this friendship is worth keeping. I DON’T!!  

Recently, I been short and a bit cruel towards them. Respectfully kept them at a distances. To me it’s not fair to social with a person when you already know  you dislike them . No one is made for adjusting to others personal standards. I just save my good nature for the right friend and people I enjoy meeting.

Sometimes I step back and look at a situation or things from an objective view. Be honest .Admit whats really important .For one joy. Always have a wholesome outlook. Then sometimes the answer is not doing anything but putting insight to the right direction. What you think? .


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