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I love to keep myself healthy as I possible. I jogs, read books and yoga. My favorites are music and turning my bathroom into a spa. I go shopping at Bath and Beyond, there  is practically everything needed to have relaxing baths. Scented candles , bath beads and oils and decor. The only grief is cleaning it up when I ‘m done. By then all I want to do is sleep.  This is great for the mind and aching muscles due to stress and work.

Take vitamins. I know how frustrating it is to remember to take calcium, omega-3, etc. but your body would tink you for it.

On the quest note, I’ve been searching for a perfume I bought over a year ago. I saw at dollar like store, I like it but didn’t get it. Then that night I was coming back from an outing and the scent was still on my jacket. Ooh! I had to get it! I bought it the next day. It has no name on it  and no box. I made it last over a year. Any ideas where I can look?


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