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 I keep hearing that we are still in recession. Prices on gas are still on the rise. Products in stores are getting smaller and priced higher. It tough to make it, as always but I have a feeling we are getting fooled a little. If there is a such a red mark deficit how come expensive projects is being created? In N.Y.C. so many people lost their city and state jobs because the budget and the ones who still employed hasn’t got a raise in two to three years.! I read they are building a new subway line near ground zero. The cost of the metro cards is going up approximately 10%.  Just imagine how difficult it would be for the people who works at fast food restaurants,and clothing stores. Even civil city employees is just working to barely get by, that is not healthy. I have family and friends in N.Y..  Like others, they are sacrifices needs  to make ends meet , not even window shopping for what they want. This is a worry, any more increase without raise they might not make it.

 N,Y. and other states mayors , politicians seems to forget the value of healthy people and value of a dollar. Healthy people is not only ones who has a healthy diet it also ones whom loves the state and city they lived . When young adults know they can get out on their own without having  a three year plan. e.g. First college, find a job and hope there isn’t a long waiting list. Now everyone journey to independence is different, but the possibilities should be available. With the crazy high rent,it  how long it will take for one to earn first and last month rent plus security? People would’ve worked tens times as hard just to get the basics.
 These days everyone tells someone  else how to manage
money when they aren’t. And beside what money??
Citizens wants to know they can rely on their mayor not be afraid be very afraid of what will happen next.


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