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Have you ever been hungry but do not have an appetite? The trick is to find a scent or taste to wake up your taste buds.For example say as if every time you smell garlic you come hungry. Sometimes a mood can also decrease your appetite.  Even though you might think “Hey I’m just not hungry ,I’ll  eat when I ready.” is not serious, It is. That is why it best to discover what your taste bud will awaken to and use it.

One recipe of mine that always work for me is my rich salad!

Besides traditional salad I created a salad base on all my tastebuds!!!

Fruits ; grapes,plums,watermelon and melon. Slice peaches and nectorine. And tangerine.

I add lettuce and tomato, raw brocolii.Slice cheddar chesse and or swiss. Then I put deli slice salami,pepperoni and or ham. All this in one salad. Not only it consist of different flavors it also healthy and keep you full. Kids will also love it . My kids and others just sit back quietly and enjoy!


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