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Tonight I went to the store with a few friends when a few aerobics instructors walked in. They invited us to look around their center. We did then they tried to force us to join.Persistant Persistant. I was  going to straigthten them out but they was cool away from me and concetrated on my friends because they was too shy to say no. I said no for them kindly. I walked out talking on the phone ,my friend came out moments later. One of the instructor stuck heread out and said a remark to me . I was pisst. It wasn’t mean but rude. So I walked my friends home then I went back. I address the jokly comment she made and called a lashed out afew names of my own. I accuse them of pushing enrollment on people when they clearly said no. And for making me upset. I told this to the one whom made that comment. I made her apoligized . Then I left.  Boy am I kind!!


Posted November 10, 2010 by bluedolly25 in Uncategorized

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