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A nice backdoor

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I work hard all day.I want to relax and enjoy my evening . I prepared dinner.London Broil bake with garlic and green peppers .Side dish was party yellow rice. This dish is already well known.Winn Dixie supermarket always has this meat cut just right.  Wash the london broil well. Lay it in a roster pan with small amount of water. Apply chopped garlic ,green peppersand onions( optional) on the top. Bake @400 degress for thity-five minutes then broil for fifthteen or til done.

The rice I buy the bag of yellow seasoned rice boil with half a pot of water. To turn it into party rice I add fresh chopped carrots,pigeon peas (opitional)  corn and string beans. All boil together until done. Delicious!

Once I had the food cooking, I relax with a small glass of wine and played Grand Theift Auto Vice City on my Playstation which I got from Amazon recently. I just enjoyed the flow. I played Justin Timberlake and  Kesha ‘s Tik Tok through out  dinner.  Afterwards I  sat porch and just enjoy the flow some more. THIS WAS A GOOD EVENING.


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