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One of the recipes I made last  4th of July was the boneless ribs tut, The name tut my buddy added it. I take the ribs deboned it then I let it marinate for twenty minute in seasonsalt , a bit of steak sauce and black pepper. Then place it a large baker bake for a hour and a half. then smother it with your favorite  BBQ sauce. The tut came about when I chopped the ribs into nuggets . Then fried them in BBQ sauce just a little. The afterwards I glittered minced chives onto it. My guests wasn’t so tempted to try it at first, til one did then others followed. They love it. I might make this duing the holidays. Enjoy!

I just got this Nora Roberts novel. It’s good so far. But one novel I want to get again is “The Hancock Boys” . It was about twin brothers who decided to share one identity. I was still in the begging of the book when the salesman told me the ending. I was tick. Now I feel silly I could’ve read it anyway .


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