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I’ll  get to  the hot poppers recipe in the moment. I first want to mention the  jewerly at J.C. Penny. I love this store.They has unique line this year. I really fell inlove with a beautiful blue Topaz necklace. Wow!! It’s a Popper !! Unlike the chesse poppers  It is  a popper you could keep for ever!!  Pretty much everything in life   is a popper actually.  Just choose which ones you want to keep. Enjoy the forever in the moment, I always say. E.g. I thinking back when I start hitting to clubs when I turned 19, dancing , guys rapping to me .  Me and  a group of friends hanging out by the peir talking about work, college and everything. Grateful that I enjoyed myself then because things change. Every year something good leaves.So now it’s pops full on memories .

Made some new ones.  Like I went to cooking food I love, reading great books and find others things to be occupied. Other than work of course.

 My recipes for poppers: I take bits of cooked  ground beef , blend it with green peppers, jalepeno and stuffing. Then take my batter extra damp , a little water to a biscuit batter, the  I stuffed it with the  meat stuffing and add either mozzarella or cheddar chesse. Bake for twenty minutes . Let cool , then enjoy!!


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  1. i love it

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