Chicken and schrimp Scampi   1 comment

A cook sautees onions and peppers.

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Here is a recipe that easy and fast to cook. First have strips of cooked chicken and devained schrimp.In the skillet add a little amount of water add a drop of oil and two slice of butter,Important! Do this before you turn on the skillet. Then under a low flame add the poultries. Add a bits of chopped onions,celery and sprinkle of oregano. After a few minutes turn it the fire up to medium. Stir till done. By then you’ll have a delicious sauce to cover over your white rice. Enjoy!!

For  a nice fruity beverage. Take seeded fruits. blueberries, stawberries and banana. Add abowl of ice a little mik. Put in a blender, I prefer Black n Dekker brand, press chopp then smooth. buttons . Then you willhave a nice drink with dinner. Have fun.


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  1. it’s really good!

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