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It’s tjme to enjoy the great subs from turkey and beef. I watched my favorite food show Man vs.Food on the Travel ch.  the other night. Then I realize I haven’t made subs in a while. I going to share my Turkey Dinner Kicker sub recipe. I shedds of strips of turkey place it a warm beef gravy. Let it simmer for ten minutes, add some mushrooms bits into it. Mean while I take some stuffing add a few pepperoni pieces . Blend it well. Make sure the stuffing  is smooth. Then I cook a small amount of Brocoli Rabe. Steam with pinch of salt and a bit of oil.

Sub: Use either Italian or Rye bread.

  1.       On one side use Hellmans spread ,I prefer their spicy sandwich spread, and apply .
  2.       Take the gravy strips of turkey and lay it on the spread side.
  3.      Apply stuffing on the other side of the bread.
  4.     Use a lettle to smear gravy on both side
  5.   Add thin slices of tomato and onion,(onion very thin or cooked if prefer)
  6.  Place the brocoli rabe in the middle
  7.   Then a touch of more gravy ,close  then Enjoy!!!

Beef Galore

My favorite. I take my pot roast and marinate for 24 hours  in soul seasoned. Next day I bake it for 2and a half hours or till done.Let cool before stripping the meat then placing  it chicken gravy. I heat my skillet under low flame ,place the beef then fried with onions and greenpeppers. Then put in italian bread adds some provolone cheese, then ENJOY!!  love this sub ! Hope you will too!!


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