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I want to get some nice paperweight for my office and some decor for living room. Nothing huge or drastic just small stuff.Like a vaxe with flowers or one picture that can stands out. sometime these small things can do ultimate changes to the mood off the room. My office is dull. I already painted to a tan earth tone color and remove the hawk from the wall but it’s still bland. So I went to Ebay and check out  paperweights .I bought a nice glass dove paperweights sets. If you going to shop online for gifts and just great items for yourself I suggest these sites . For electornic and books I suggest  and you  can visit I have their widget where you can find the prices an items  of your choice. And also has great deals especially during these season . But I prefer going to their store to buy computers and other phone acessories because they are really helpful.  I have to admit is pretty.good too! Enjoy shopping!!


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