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Have you thought you was up to times till you hang out with someone who a bit younger? Today that happened to me. I was hanging out with my bosses niece. She is only two years younger than me but she is in all todays’ lingo. She spoke of some rock band called Correston Of Conformity, I said What?.Then she let me listen to songs from the group’ Likein Parks”” The Catalyst” Broken Bells and their song The High Road she was talking a lot lingo that I couldn’t make out. So I just nod. Hmn Hmn! Well I mentioned of this song I heard last year. I’d mentioned on  couple days ago. It was” Hello it’s me” but revise in rock version. I search for the group a long time. She  told me to check out  No such yet!  Well lunch was almost over when she said” OMG”. I said what?  she fill me in what it meant.For some reason she took an interest in me .I don’t know why I meet that’s totally different  from me and odd ones. Cool!  She later sent me text message full of OMG.TTUL,WDUT,&lOl.  What?


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