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James Ingram

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meat yazawa lunch hamburg (Salisbury steak)

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I got it together today. After a hard day at work I came home and prepare I bake my special friday dinner. Bake Cover Steak with sided with white and sweet potato.As you can tell from my list of recipes that I love Beef. I crave it more than shrimp and chicken. Tonight is cold and I just want to turn off my phone and  relax. I heard enough from my friends for two evenings. I sat back and browse music videos . I listen to James Ingram song ‘Always” since I cannot find the cd I settle for this. I enjoyed  The  Black Eye Peas and Selena Gormez song Round and Round.She got the 80’s rhythm in most of her songs. Once dinner was done , the kids and I enjoy it then they disappear into their rooms. Fine , I got things to do anyway.

  1.   This recipe is very simple. I take  a shoulder steak ,rinse then place in a roaster pan with small amount of water,
  2. Apply chopped garlic,green and red peppers, onions  and very fine chopped brocoli rabe over the steak
  3. Freshly wash Sweet and White potato and place on aluminum foil
  4. Set the oven to 400 degrees
  5. Pace the potatoes on top rack and steak on the bottom. Allow bake for thirty-five to forty minutes.


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