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A Cheesecake covered with chocolate on a stick

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You have party plan with limited supplies? Well here is a couple of tricks I have up my sleeve. Cheesecake slices. Being that a cheesecake is irresistible. At least to me.That is why I decided to make one cheesecake and turn into a variety platter!


  1. 4 boxes of cream cheese
  2. 3 eggs
  3. cup of sour cream (which I suggests only use one  or two tbl.spoons
  4. teaspoon of vanilla
  5. gram crackers.
  6. shelled nuts
  7. can of pie filling :strawberry,cherry. and Hershey chocolate syrup

In  big bowl you add cream cheese one by one smoothing as you go. Add eggs,one to two table-spoon of sour cream and the drop of vanilla .Note.( Be sure to only use one to two spoons of  sour cream if more your cake will be a sourrcream cake . There’s no way decrease it even if you add more cream cheese.) If you has trouble smoothing you could put into a microwave safe container and place in the microwave for a minute and thirty seconds. Once blend in well,butter a baker then pour the batter . Bake for twenty minutes under degrees. Then freeze for an hour.

Now here is the fun part. Take the gram crackers place them on  the platter. Cut the cheese cake into mini squares and place them on top. Open the can of fruit of desire decorate the top. If you love variety for your guest. Make several with chocolate swirls, fruit toppings.with or without nuts. All this with just one cheesecake. See ! Save money and have fun! Enjoy!

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