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A Filipino stew, using tamarind and pork. Mmmm.

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 Money is tight so I cooked  a meal that could last longer than tomorrow’s left overs. Pork stew. If you love pork like me you’ll enjoy this one. First I bake a pork shoulder, seasoned with  black pepper and salt and italian seasons and let it bake under 350 degrees after an hour raise to 400 degrees till done.  My side dishes are usually homemade cheddar macaroni and string beans.  After the third day most of the meat  be  gone & that’s when I make my stew. Take the striping of pork and it’s juices  into a pot fill with quarter of water. Pour a cup of chicken or beef broth. Add corn ,green peas ,carrots and green beans.With a handful of chopped parsley,garlic and onions.Noodles( I prefer egg noodles) elbow or macaroni. Let it simmer  under a medium flame for  twenty minutes or desired blend . Enjoy!


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