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French bread sandwich with fries.

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Well,I enjoyed spending time with my kids and friends. We had original plans to go skating. But my friend daughter wanted to go someone else.Some where  her ex boyfriend wouldn’t be so we decided to Friday’s restaurant. There I got into an argument with a waitress who step on my foot and didn’t apologized. Some nerve! Well from there we  head back to my house. Too cold to chill out some else. The first thing came out of my friends ,mouth was “What are you going to cook?”  What am I  a cook?” I said humorous. I made a snack tray , Crab salad ,sided with butter crackers, roast beef sandwiches and cheese ,slice apples . ( I didn’t make the crab salad) it something how a salad could be the best dip. The sandwiches; I use vegetable dip as a spread and stuffed slices of roast beef into dinner rolls.(the roast beef I didn’t cook) I set down the platter then it was gone. All I had out of it was two crackers and a bit of dip.Man!

Make sure you have mints available. Because I didn’t and conversation was hard to bear. Well anyway we all sat around apart. The kids play video games and talk on the phone. I had fun we remines of our school years and laugh our heads off. The best part I didn’t have to drive home cause I was already home.No bill. And no clean up. They ate it all. At least my kids ate a lot of it as well. Take my advice, if  you have good friends ,try enjoying hanging out at home.


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