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Several pieces of fried chicken.

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I love quality in everything .Especially music and food. People must have quality to social with me and more to be my friends. Sound mean and shallow but from experiences that the way it should for everyone. I’m enjoying my visit from a couple of friends .One is from Bx.N.Y and the other is from Cologne Germany. We met years ago. I still has a blast time with them. Boy do I have fun tales with them and we barely see each other. Over the years we send each other music, I send them recipes and they send me things of culture,clothes and history artifact. One is a photogopher and the other promotes music. He mention this well-known dj in France name Dee Nasty. My mom already introduce me to his music about a five years ago. Check him out and tell me what you think of him.

We sat back listen to his cd. Eating American fried chicken,my cheddar pizza bake potatoes.& greek salad. For dessert I made my strawberry nuts pie cups

Cheddar Pizza bake potato                                                                                          Strawberry Nut Pie  Cups

  • bake Idaho poatato ,then split it open                                                         Take a pie crust batter and spread around in cupcake pan
  • gernerously add chedar cheese and a bit of mozzerella                     Fill it with pie filling strawberry and chopped walnuts
  • Dice up some black olives and onions chives                                         Bake under 375 degrees, let cool for five minutes
  • Apply and enjoy!                                                                                                Add whip cream then Indulge. Enjoy!

American Fried Chicken

  • Wash your chicken and place them in wet season flour
  • then dip them in dry flour
  • place them in a large skillet quarter fill with oil or lard 
  • then fry ,turn t hem over when needed till done
  • Afterwards let them cool on a platter berfore eating



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  1. A while ago, you left a comment on my blog saying that you were inspired to make comics again. So far, I have not seen any comics of yours and so I hereby declare you a scoundrel and a fraud.

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