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 While my friends are still visiting these states I had to fix something that interest all of us. She had enough dishes that contain spaghetti sauce and he’s tired of soul and garden dishes. I ;m running out of ideas. So I finally decided to make my huge subs. I want to make sure they’re full and happy.

 Three meat delight

  One  sub was turkey,roast beef and ham. Dressing with chopped salami ,saute onions and thin slices of swiss and cheddar cheeses. Second dressing is fresh roman lettuce,thin slice tomatoes ,black olives and oil and vinegar

I use Italian bread , I fried the roast beef they lay it over the deli slice turkey

I place the ham on the other side of the bread.

The  toppings I chopped onions ,and deli slice salami Then I apply the  dressing which is fresh roman lettuce and tomato with oil and vinegar dressing .

Aggressive Cheese steak

Fried  steak strips with onions and green peppers,

Fried pork strips with a bit of garlic. After done put both meat together in one sauce pan.

Add a half a cup of water a powder chicken flavor gravy mix. Stir to completely blend.

Aside prepare  the toppings . In a bowl I put a teaspoon of wasabi (extremely hot, use caution)fresh chopped brocoli rabe and bits of pepperoni.

Back to the meat; after I place both meat on the bread I supply Queso and mild cheddar cheeses. Or Provolone which I like best.

Then broil for three minutes. Just want to melt the cheese. Apply the toppings .

I cook this for them. At first they hesitated , saying this is what they sick of . I told them to eat , @first bite they was in love. They ate the thick subs in twenty minutes . My kids took them longer. But all was full for hours. I was glad to give my stove a  break! hope you give it a try! And tell me how it came out. Enjoy!


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  1. Soba noodles are probably my favorite kind they are so slurpy and readily absorb all the flavors in a sauce.

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