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Raw shrimp, ready for cooking.

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 This is something , I took my friends to the pier and we watch the boats pasts people fishing and we ate seafood at this restaurant. It was awful. I ordered the shrimp scampi, and he ordered fried lobster tails and she had shrimp salad. When the waitress came with our food. She had it place against her stomach, she cough over her salad. Her rough attitude was pissing me off. But Mere gave me a quick glance to let it go please. So I did. Eight dollars for six shrimps and flat scampi sauce,the rice was stale. He complain to the owner that his lobster tails was old and had an unusual stench. The owner gladly replace our order. This time the food was bearable. After we walked out ,the waitress that serve us was smoking a cigarette . She started swearing at Edgar(my friend) ,being a gentleman he just ignore her. Then she starts following us to the car. Then I turn around and said she better just get back to work,and not makes matter worst . I didn’t even had to say it twice or even yell she just went back where she was. We piss ,Forty some dollars for bad food.  I made some of my chicken pamagna. We realize this is what we should have done in the first place. All I wanted to show them how fun the south can be, the town is cool. Same as other places you’ll find people with bad attitudes and nice ones. All in all we had a great day!



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