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The leaves of turnips are also eaten as "...

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 Right here,  I was getting phones calls from no-show guests! Everyone wanted to do something else. So I made dinner and just when dinner was almost done they showed up. I wasn’t so excited. I was enjoying the idea of having a quiet dinner .Well I made the best of it. As I added more sweet potatoes,my dearest crazy friend showed up. Now I knew I was going to have a great time. Gladly added more to practical everything I was cooking. The turkey stayed in the oven under 300 degrees to warm and simmering. I made green bean casserole,yams,turkey and stuffing . Slice ham in beef gravy ,my childs’ favorite,pumpkin pie and oh yeah turnip greens.

We ate and drank.Listen to the Isley Brothers cd. We talk about work, kids, entertainment and politics. My crazy friend talks about her family and foes. A lot of stories came across my table. Which seems I better get a bigger one. I watched my kids enjoying themselves,stuffing their faces and having fun with my crazy friend kids. They laughed for no reason and showed each other what Nintendo games they have. Today was nice and warm then when it reach seven p.m. the wind blew harsh and  went down about five degrees. Pleasant. The wind knocked down one of my chimes and flattened my daisy, though.I left the chimes there , too cold. But we started to stare out and quietly enjoyed the sound the wind made. This was a good night!  They even clean up. All I did was fixed them some maccaroni salad and some turkey sandwiches for the road. I really had a great time!


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