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New year - which direction?

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 Hey! Happy New year everyone!  So what resolution you made for the next year? I only made two. Make my career goals come true and not to be so mean. I used to be a kind all the time , as I remember, till I started this new job here! I  had to work a few hours today,no big deal. The computer was slow,only the co-workers that I  dislikes was there. She talks and talks. Man she never quiet. One guy told me about his perm and a quick jump to politics. I was very nice to them. I already started being more pleasant. You know it felt great. I’m not mean and pushy all the time ,I’d been nice to a degree. But when I noticed people wasn’t so easily to approach me that’s when I realized to lighten up! My fuse was earn but hey that can get in the way sometimes. So that’s my resolution.

My next one is a challenge. I want to live extravagant and I’m going to try to succeed this even todays’ economy.

What ‘s yours?


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