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 I decided  to moe on with my plan last week.  I want to have a better house and a better career. So I look at a couple of rentals during lunch. There was a nice one  close to the city. Huge kitchen , medium size yard but the bedrooms aren’t so great. Master bedroom was a regular size room.I was going to check out another one tomorrow but on a different route home I saw a house. The owner was just about to leave . He took me on a tour of the house. Beautiful. Spacious and well layout. The kitchen was huge and the linen closet was a dream. Nice yard with a view of water view. Hey this what I’ve been looking for. He’s an elder and alone. He wants to rid the house and live with relatives. He gave me a great deal! Wow! It’s as the appeal I’ve been looking for.

I already cut some friends a loose. Met new ones and keeping contact with true friends. I got an envite to watch a movie my ex-boyfriend made. Who cares!

 Well any way I been doing my thing. Getting excited of the changes I’m making, and enjoying another journey .

My boss offered me a position this morning . I refused . Too much more work for only 2% higher pay and includes some weekends. Some of my friends suggests I stay put and stay close. Yeah well. I don’t  want to stay in this neighborhood much longer. I’s not bad but I need a change.

As for cooking, I learning about Oriental dishes and learning more of Kosher dishes. I’ll be posting more recipes soon!


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