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 I ‘m used to people staring at me. Concedit as that may sound but not at all . But lately it really getting on my nerves. Especially when it’s people I already know. Stares when I’m not looking,when I talking to someone else. Hey I don’t dress weird or seems weird  or anything. My friends and other people says because I’m pretty. Well,ok! (last conceded remark!)

Some of those stares are down right odd. “What’s on your mind?”  “Why you all up in my face?”

So I decided to dress even more sophisticated than I already do. Guess what happen? More stares. My colleague keeps calling my Barbie. He says stupid stuff ; ” Are you thinking Barbie?’ ‘ Barbie types fast!” and even “Barbie got brains!”. He’ s an idiot. And ever since I translate in German he calls me German Chocolate Barbie. Well I’m used to him by now!

Yesterday I wet to the gas station to . As I was pumping gas a weird dude with huge eyes peering at me through the  back car seat. Then when I got into my car he got out of his . He asked me if I was married. I said yep to myself!! 


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  1. first!

  2. first what?

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