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 Nothing is a better feeling to walk into the house and smell some great food.! That bring wholesome to the heart. for starters, I want to tell you about this soup that keeps the cold away. In a crock k pot this morning, I put chopped beef stew. collard,brocoli rabe and turnip greens. Add a bit of chili powder, crush red peppers and some black pepper. I also  put the basic. small noodles, corn,and green peas.  For several hours is stew. When I came home for lunch, I shut the crock pot off.  After work, I finished cooking it on the stove. The smell is so breath taking so is to taste. My daughter was congested, once she ate one bowl of this soup she felt a whole lot better. For dinner, I was in the mood for chesse. So I bake homemade macaroni cheese,french fries and london broil , soup has enough vegetables.

French fries, I battered in wet seasoned flour then bake for about  thirty five minutes. Cheese macaroni I use regular elbow noodles and instead of powder cheese I use slices cheddar. A cup of milk &pinch of salt.

London broil, wash ,and I seasoned with black pepper and garlic and definitely seasoned salt. Bake for a  hour.

When dinner was done we was full. It was delicious!!!  I love the sight of my kids enjoying  eating  the dishes that  cook!  It’s wholesome to the heart, you know? Hope you try these dishes and tell me how it came out. Enjoy!


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