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Mozzarella cheese

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 I love pork just as much as beef. I must limit the starch in my diet. So I’m laying off the pork sandwiches for now. Instead I make a great pork salad. It’s pretty simple. All I do is steam fry chopped boneless pork shops and add my fresh salad  and dressing. What  I like is a lot a little sides I put goes with it. Such as green and sweet plantains ,slice dill pickles, and brown rice if prefer.

Pork Salad Cress

  • Steam fried  boneless pork
  • Fresh slice red onions, green peppers and black olives
  • Water cress,roman lettuces
  • Raw cauliflower(believe me ,it will taste great in this salad)
  • mozzarella chunks or slices
  • Plantains
  • avocado
  • Tomatoes slice or those mini ones
  • Slice of raw okra

Either steam fry the pork with yellow onions or put red ones in the salad, your choice. I personally prefer red or yellow raw for longer preserve. This is a little  trick I learned; meat salads taste better when meat is place bottom of the bowl then the dressing.I fried sweet plantains with mines. Just cut the hull ,slice and place them into a half an inch of oil fill skillet. Back to the salad, after the meat I add the cauliflower. Be sure to wash all fruit and veggies thoroughly. Once the cauliflower is soaking with the pork I add the water cress and tomatoes. Hence, the why the cauliflower will taste great. Then I throw the chopped okra ,black olives and slices of mozzarella cheese. Several slices of avacado. Add the roman lettuce and if my side dishes is not sweet I add grapes or apple. Again up to you. Now it’s time for the dressing. It’s the submarine dressing usual uses for deli sandwiches and I adds red vinaigrette dressing . It’s a great combination. For work I put my the dressing in a little container ,therefore it wouldn’t soak the salad.

 Delicious!!! Enjoy!


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