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Man v. Food (season 1)

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 As I said before I love extremely hot food. Last night I push it just a little.  Several  of my friends and I had a competition which could eat the hottest.  It started after I made them watch my favorite food show,’Man vs Food‘ it was the episode when he tried to eat the hottest chicken wings. These wing soaks in all kinds of hot seasons and a with the band hot pepper …. I forgot the exact name .

Well afterwards they wanted to put my taste to the test. I made some toasted ham and cheese sandwiches . I had the hot to the hottest I had available all in a line. Red pepper, Jalepenoes,wasabi,and chopped Jamaican yellow peppers. Our kids,and her husband was judges. One of them can only take red peppers. Liz got a far as red peppers and jalapeno. He could only take wasabi. that’ s it. That’ weird!!! I the champion had it all on my sandwich. Without drinks,I ate the whole thing. Ha!

Believe me this took years of skill. Be cautious .Take small steps.  Even though I won the battle,I sure paid the price.  I still cannot taste anything. Soon it will pass . What’s  funny was today at work, they was in more agony from what little they had. I ate five sandwiches and they each only had one or two.  Cool uhn?


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