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Love toasted sandwiches. Here is a few you can make from your own home. Like the turkey club. I simply take deli slice of ham and turkey bacon with cheddar cheese onto an Italian bun. Onto a buttered iron skillet  which is flavored with the minced garlic and onions. Flip after a few moments , till everything is melted and the bread is toasted to your desire. Then i place my toppings. Fresh lettuces .tomatoes  and pickles. A little tip; If you prepared a good salad ,roman lettuce, red onions and green peppers etc. this would be the best dressing for your sandwiches. Once this done prepare to your taste and enjoy!! You’ll be amazed how good it turns out.

Now for the double power stack  has the same method but for two in one

Double Power Stack

  • meats. turkey pepperoni,chicken and beef
  • Mozzarella ,cheddar and american
  • Bacon
  • Roman or regular lettuce
  • garlic,onions yellow and red,jalapeno
  • Italian bread or roll 
  • tomatoes

With this sandwich for simple you can get fresh deli roast beef, chicken and turkey.The bacon, Oscar Meyers has some already cook ,just heat and serve. In the iron cast skillet ,minced the garlic and yellow onions along with the jalapeno. As this sizzles prepare your sandwich. Place one bun inside of the other. One side fill with the chicken and ham,the other with roast beef and bacon. Add which cheese you like best for each side then flip onto the skillet. Once done. All is melted and toasted then dress it up. Mayo and the lettuce etc. goes into the center bun. Makes a salad  between . Then I use the submarine dressing on mine. I hope you enjoy!!


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