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Philips 3D Television 42-inch

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 I have been interest in all things lately. In news, kids has been getting killed lately. Woman shot her two teens dead, a child had cut class and was run down and the other day a school bus was run into another vehicle. One kid died. What s going on? Scary.

This year , getting taxes books are difficult especially for those whom does it theirselves. Why things are getting harder than easier?Hidden laws are effect. People are afraid of this year increase, jobs loss, economy and how this world going to be this year. I’m worried too. Frighten time has pass yet and fear of worst are heading forth. No one wants to lose independence because of economy hardships.

CES Show ,held early last month was great. But the 3D television might not be so great to have. This can have harmful damage to your eyes. A friend told me that the one he has ,hurts his eyes and gave him headaches. I figured it would. Fun is fun but not when it could do damage. Besides the only true products I wanted was the laptop that has the  pen and the Samsung Nexus smartphone. The others were just an exiting thrill. Except the tablets which is becoming more a business tool . They are even be made to be a computer and tablet combination. Laptops with detachable screen that can be a tablet and tablets that has a pull out keyboard. Now that is great for everyone. Especially when it’s small and light.

A great fruit cup. This is something I brought to work. In a canister I pour some peaches from a can ,adds, slice bananas and some strawberries. This soak in the peaches syrup til lunch time . So that will be about five hours. Boy was this refreshing.!!! I would’ve just bought the can or cup of fruit but I wanted the fruits I want. Hope you give it a try.

Covergirl eye makeup is awesome. I love the blend of eye shadow with twilight sparkle. It’s really pretty.I thought the sparkle or glitter you may call ,will get into eyes and cause an affection. But it doesn’t ,it stays put. Eyes looks so bold and really complements the face. Some eyeshadow and mascara can make you look more of a vampire or a spooky mannequin. If you into revealing your beauty this is one to try. Enjoy. 


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