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 It’s always been said that no one is meant to be alone. Who can say that is true, these days. People falls in love,marry,move in with each others and have children. But how many strong and beautiful within as well out becomes single in thee most painful way? I myself was burned in the past ,because of the beauty in and out. Is it a trait that wants good to be destroys. Yep. What I notice people don’t want good as they claim.’ Oh I want love’ when they just want lust,some will take the wrong path any day rather than the right way.

It balls down to which you want. You or others.? Sadly it’s hard to find both. I decide me till the particular he then it will be both. Why waste your time ? Great stars like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock gotten their hearts broken in a way that was cruel. Seems the men was trying to destroy their carreer.It was like a hit that can knock you down for a long while. I so glad they recover and head on strong.

These days it appears  you better off  alone. Doesn’t it?  Want a great full fill life be single. I just thought I was the only one who feels  being single and live life to the fullest is only way to go. Now it seems the only way to go. Sure relationship is great to experience,but only what it is. Especially how people today are. Disrespectful way they view others. Men aren’t men anymore, and they sits and complain expecting perfect women. Women hurting other women. Even puts themselves down. Why?

I guess being single is what new to be and probably will stay.


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