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Happy Valentine's Day♥♥♥

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Valentine Day is right around the corner. What are you going to give and what are you gonna get? Well for someone special, a great card with flowers . Guys try to pay attention.Remember your lady favorite flowers will give you great perks. Now on to jewelry, if it small make sure it’s cut well and glimmers in sunlight. Makes sure to emphasis on the love and the meaning, both must makes this special note. I like Kays jewelry, but not the woman who plays medicine Woman on CBS  collection line. That looks like that will hurt. A cut sharp heart, who wants to wear a key as exquisite jewelry. Not my taste. The heart might stab into yours  wearing it.

If spending a lot is not an option a box full of goodies will do the trick. Shop at stores(more than one) and get variety of thing she likes . Put a big card attach or a fancy small one then she knows you care. If you cannot spend a lot put  in effort.

For the ladies whom does have a special love , watches, cologne that you both might agree on and cake. For some reason woman loves chocolate candies and guys like cake or pie and chili. A heart shape cake is great for both sexes. Main thing gives what each other wants. A simple basket with flowers ,a mug is not so much a good idea. Unless it concludes a balloon. But basket can be great when it contains cheese crackers,a piece of jewelry,fruits, and a great card. A great suggestion is to create them yourself. Even guys will like one that includes a watch or a ticket to a favorite show. Hope this helps!


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