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Since the kids and I use the computers all the time ,I decided just to go for a drive. No place particular, just to get out of routine. This I thought of before but figure that when things most likely will go wrong. Not yesterday. After school and work I said ‘Kids lets go’. They thought I was joking. We went cruising listen to music. Stop by the drive thru got some din din. We have fun. It’s nice to take a break from routine and live a little. Otherwise we get bored,frustrated and lose sight how simple joy could be.

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Everywhere we turn now days ,everyone has opinions that expects people to drop what their doing to care what others says .  One that makes me the most u[set is when  I heard , if someone has a disturbing nature try to fo around them. Other words if you have relations with them ‘relative are mate you should break the right way and tend to theirs. Ha! I believe not letting those characters control anything. You got your own life to live. There are more things to life and there are no reason to stop enjoying it because of someone else view.

The crime and all the car accidents was one  of the reason why I wouldn’t drive if I didn’t have to. That and gas prices. Then I realize how much I given up by being to careful and caution . So hey I took the kids out. Thank goodness nothing happen. And we have fun. Not to say I’ll do this often but it nice once in a while. The ‘What ifs’ takes a back burner. I got this. Have control on what you does leaves confidence rather than worries. Once you have a stern grip on what you do have power on the happier you be.

Have fun,and be careful.


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