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It strange how a simple color could change mood. I love the color blue as many does. When I decided to change the clear stone in my a pendant to a blue sapphire I quickly knew I made a great decision. It goes with every attire I own. Plus it has such a noticeable and notice touch .Unlike the clear that glimmers with every light. I like all things this color from phones to jewelry. It a color of hope. And a color of a rush.

Blue River song was always a dreaming tune. Isn’t it?  Last night I went to dinner with a friend who also invited a foe. I was a little tick but she wanted to hang out with both of us rather than either of us. As a friend I gave it a shot. The foe arrived fifteen minutes late with no respect and no apology. Elaine was little piss but disregard. All throughout dinner Yasmin was obnoxious and couldn’t hold conversation and kept staring at me through. Elaine brought this to my attention when Yas left to the ladies room. She didn’t say excuse herself ,just up and left. Rude. Open mic night. I just paying attention to singers and comedian . Yasmin voice is scratchy and high pitch.Not a good match especially when not making any sence. As I sat there. can’t wait till this over, Yasmin called me ethical turk. I cut her down in words that is. I was so piss . But glancing over to the restaurant blue neon lights in the corner cool my nerves. I got my purse ,said goodbye to Elaine and got in my car and left.

Later that night Elaine called. She was shock about the whole evening. I didn’t slap her. How weird Yasmin really is,and how differ she was when I’m there . She added that she talks fine with her. I just said hey you gave it a try. Please not to set me up again. I don’t to be alike the Real Housewives setting. I watch the shows . It’s fun and exciting but I have to admit they wouldn’t want me to be a cast member. I’ll be a handful. Maybe…


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  1. yeah nice

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