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Now that the weather is getting warmer here are several delights to enjoy. I figured after this strange and harsh weather we’ll appreciate  spring ahead. And at the same time ,keep the last holidays weight off.

Fresh ginseng and Chamomile fruit smoothie. Boil a pot of water with Chamomile and ginseng tea,. In a blender  pour a cup of fresh fruit. I prefer strawberries,raspberries,slices of peaches. Then add the cool down tea blend for three seconds. Add Splenda or other alternative sweeteners,  lots of ice chop and spree . By then you will have a smooth delicious drink . So refreshing! You can also add different teas. like Red Zinger or even yogurt for a real smoothie texture. I discover this in my kitchen early this week. So many products on the market tries to increase energy. Sometimes it’s not just energy that you need it ‘s rest and calm. After a natural and healthy way to calm your nerves and helps you focus you energy will increase own its own. Remember your body only has the energy of its own push it you lose tomorrow energy and this will eventually cause manic stress.

Cottage Cheese with fruits. Not so unique but ,has a twist. Lite or Part Skim cottage cheese, fresh fruit. I suggests grapes, strawberry,pineapples and papaya that you cut yourself. Cans is not so refreshing. Either or all is great to add to this simple dessert. With a twist of lime adds more a refreshing taste. Yet I wouldn’t eat too much of it. Process old milk products such as cottage cheese and buttermilk will probably churn your stomach after a while.

Now this delight is not a food but it sure refreshing to me. Have you ever bought a dvd that has 4 movies on it. I use sometimes get the double features  but it cool to pay about 5 dollars to get four movies. Even if couple of them might sucks but it ‘s sure beats renting.

I’ll post more fruity delights soon!! Enjoy!


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  1. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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