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 I always wanted  big house. But recently I learn I wanted a full home more. To me full is having all what I need and fun at my hands. It’s cool to have certain luxuries in your life. Trips and adventure from watching a film, movies from your laptop and phones . Eating delicious meals that cook from your own kitchen.  I  know life is tough with the gas prices and amongst other things arises but when you achieve exactly what is you want, life really goes on.  I don’t care what somebody says , living isn’t always learning hardship and conquering difficulties it ‘s about true enlightenment and personal joy.

I bought a steam vacuum today, it works great. Today my car was in the shop so I had to take a cab home. I forgot how that sucks! We waited over a half an hour for ,and it was ten dollars . I used to take cabs when I first started out, I didn’t know how  much harder times where then,now I do.  Sometimes a step backwards can make you realize how far you came. Funny. Well, now that I have my own machine  I don’t have to wait around for CarpetSteamers anymore. With less than one visit  I have my own .

I also made sure I store survivor chest. Since everywhere there has been peculiar weather it best to have a storage of food & medicine supplies store. I filled up a big chest and a small one with medicine ,vitamins and a health kit. I even puts books that I will find amusing in tough crisis. Batteries,portable television and radio. Flashlights etc. . Can goods and jerky ;these I suggest update periodically. Clothes and shoes even undergarments. My daughter added some fruity stickers,cute. Soon I put flares and others necessities. Hope you do the same.

I save a  bundle. I was interested in a blue ray portable and /or a better one but my son wanted to get the PS3. I got it on sale. This plays blue ray  a lot better and better sounds. Worth the money!!


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