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 Instead of frozen chicken nuggets or strips here’s a way to make it  at home. With fresh chicken breast with or without bone,chop and prepare. Well for starters I must advise you to use a slowing hand when chopping the breast that has bone. This could be a slight tricky because the chicken could have a husky breasts not  more meat. Once you have your selected strip wash and set aside. In a bowl or some may like to use a paper or plastic ziplock bag, add flour. For exhilarating flavor pour a little paprika,black pepper, and adobe garlic seasons. If you have a lot of  ,strips put a little at a time into the flour and shake or toss. In a medium heated skillet, half an inch fill with oil. Lay the strips into skillet. Turn frequently,till done. Simple and easy.

Pork is a little easier except for the chopping. There are different parts to get your pork,chops  pork lion or roast. I rather use the boneless  pork chops. Like the chicken ,slice wash and place into season flour. Except use season only one season other than black pepper. Best is garlic adobe and black pepper . If use more it will be quite salty.  Same amount of oil . You could also fry this together.

As a great side dishes are salad with plenty tomatoes and watercress.  Brown rice or yellow rice . Brown , I use steam green beans and fresh brocoli. Yellow I like to use team cabbage . With either, I make a special fresh garlic topping. To make this I use fresh garlic cloves, diced ,a tab of olive oil,thyme and half a cup of water. I sometimes let this sits for a half a day or I heat it over a low flame. Either way this is a  delicious additive to great rice. Enjoy!


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