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It took me a long time to get use to brown rice. It’s te most healthy rice yet lacks so much flavor. Good flavor that is the dull falt tast is al there. Well when I was a teen (very short time ago), I add delicious flavor to get nutrients and to enjoy it. There are great add on s to make delicious.

Shrimp steam brown rice. As your brown rice with brocoli simmers and near done  turn it off. Take a handful of shrimps , devine and slice each into three. Get a bowl throw the shrimps in then add chopped thyme and one pinch of basil. Season with paprika nd season salt. Then take one garlic clove minced,chopped yellow onion and  add half a tablespoon of olive oil. Blend by stir or take your hand and shuffel it together. Once blended pour over the brown rice. Slow simmer for about seven minutes. Then Enjoy.

Another way is to make it into a healthy taco style. All seperate cook the ground chuck or beef or turkey. With the brown rice done ,  cook in seperate pot ,cabbage. While the both is near done, on the carving bord take a tomato that’s in between firm and ripe. Place downward and slice top to bottom direction. Discard the seeds and place the tomato onto a plate and add several drops of olive oil and black pepp[er. Then chop onions and green peppers. Now these is better not fully cook, that will bring more flavor. Once you done preparing add all together in a sauce pan.You can add your own taco touch, like beans and avacado. Enjoy!


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