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I love to look at my precious sentimental items Ihave on my desk and at home.  Sometimes  great artifacts can gives peace and realaxation on the days you really needs them. One of my sentimental is these beautiful painted rocks. I have them all around my home. Near the fountain , on my desk , dining table and at work. It so beautiful and it brings back fond memories.I don’t have permission to give her name however, I believe you might have seen this great artist artwork  almost everywhere. She paints rocks ,canvas and trees. Everyone who obtain her artwork comes back and requested more. I did.

I believe holding onto sentimental items .’Things to remember.’ 

When I first got my job ,I wanted something not so big or too small to turn a dull grey desk  into a pleasant place to sit. So, I contact the artist and recieved this beautiful rock and it did the justice. Co-workers asks me till this day where did I get it. End of the day I take it home. There are other sentmental reasons why I love these painted stones. My has them all around her house. And it brings a warm content feeling to have them all around mine.

When guests comes over to eat my cooking and coversation they always has to pick up the rocks and stare.Having them round can turn any house into a home. I got one for one of my dearest friends,and she constant tells me how her small damp nows looks like a small palace. Oh yeah these are great for burgulars. Art is wonderful!



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  1. Cool.

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