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Have you notice the cartoon on television today? It’s getting weirder and disrespectful. I only counted five decent ones for children. How many do you count? I thought the purpose of changing these silly cartoons for kids saftey. You know ,not letting them think someone could just get up from fallen off a cliff or hitting someone on the head and they will be fine. Now the content focus on death,sex, and ethic humor. Not exactly race but other ethics.  I thought Spongebob was a ppain, I still do ,but not compare to the others. It so important to watch t.v with your kids and talk to hem about whats s right  and wrong and good and wrong. Even some educational programs teaches kids that it’s ok to be rude, agressive with other property and selfish. Also teaches as if kids lacks any common sense what so ever! Kids read between the lines better than we think.  

For addults ,who can tell them what to watch? But really ,are these cartoons heading  in a good direction or keeping greif  and obsene drama active? Even thought we are addults ,what we watch on television effects us just like children.

I’d caught my oldest watching these silly toons and demand he never watch it again. I was wonderng where ‘the idea to talk too slang’ came from. I programed the shows I allow. It took a while for themto take but after a while their personality was brighter and respectfu. Thats is when I realized how little show there are for kids. Please be cautious of what your kids see on t.v.


One response to “Cartoon today, who are they for?

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  1. Our kids don’t watch tv, dvds or have any computer time until they are nine. Then it’s strictly rationed. It sorts out this kind of problem easily. And we have pleasant children.

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