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My deluge, deep chocolate cake. I usual don’t bake cake from scratch but this ones requires special touches. I called this Triple dulge chocolate cake. You’ll need 3 eggs or what I prefer two teaspoons of complete pancake mix. 3 cups of flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder and one cup of sugar. For the wet ingredients; you’ll need  extracts, vanilla, lemon or butter, sometimes I like to use either or both of the vanilla and lemon for great flavor. A can of  Hershey coco mix, the one mainly for baking and a jar of chocolate syrup. Two bowls. Shelled walnuts and pecans ,chocolate pudding or vanilla and can of strawberries pie filling. This is part of the creative additive process. I like using vanilla pudding for chocolate cake  because it brings such a lightness to the chocolate. It’s up to you . You could put nuts into the batter or save it for the toppings on your cake.

Triple dulge chocolate cake.



  • In one bowl, take the half  stick of margarine or other butter substitute, and mix it with half a cup of sugar and one of the eggs. Stir to well blended add another egg.
  • Add 2 cups of flour,and a touch of baking powder  and blend
  • In another bowl take three spoons of  Hershey coco mix and blend this  one egg and  half of chocolate pudding
  • Once blended pour into the flour batter. Before stir add a touch of both or either vanilla and lemon extract
  • Preheat oven at 375 degrees.
  • Blend  until completely smooth.

After you base the pan and preheat  your oven. Have your smooth batter ready . Slow pour the batter into pan allow bake for 35 minutes or till done. Meanwhile prepare you cake toppings. Yeah again with toppings ! It makes food so much more fun and delicious.  Well, in small saucepan ,pour half  spoon of carnation milk and some jar of a jar of chocolate syrup. stir. Add a hand full of chopped walnuts and pecans. Stir till the nuts or soften. Leave off and as it cools slice fresh strawberries into the toppings. Once cake is done let it  cool for about five minutes. With a flat spoon  glaze with cup of can strawberries toppings ,just the syrup of it. Pour the slow the nutty toppings on top . Sit for about five minutes . Enjoy . This was such a great desert after the great steak dinner I cook . My kids and my guest was fond of it. Hope you enjoy it and tell me how it turns out. 


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