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There are a lot more you can do it ribs than just barbecue. I like to stretch the powerful taste of pork into other meals. Using the boneless pork ribs, I steam , fry or even bake then take the  it to a higher level. Steam or bake ,nice and tender. Onto a carving  board slice it into thin chunks . I love adding cabbage and rice. One other favorite  is over a great salad . This will make great lunches to take to work or to school.

For starters ; in a medium size baker fill with half an inch of  water place the wash boneless pork . Allow bake for thirty minutes at least. While cooking ,have your cabbage steaming and the brown rice cools. Once the meat is done , In separate bowl  have some og the cabbage ,slice the ribs and throw it together . Mix well  with little of paprika and garlic powder. Blend and enjoy.

 One of my favorites is the pork sandwiches. I made them huge and full and simple and flat . Both has such a quality flavor. Huge subs I made from big london broil or pot roast. But these small sandwiches is usual made with boneless ribs. It ‘s a big differences in time. For sandwiches I either fry or bake but I prefer both to really make a melt.  I first bake for twenty-five minutes then once almost tender then I fry it in small amount of oil.  After bake, using a  meat tenderizer to smash as flat as you can. Sprinkle some adobe and touch of black pepper and paprika as you smash. Then place into skillet with little oil. Olive oil has some boost of flavor. Add chopped onions and green peppers.  Stir than use a spachla to flatten. It so delicious. Throw in some cook chop cabbage and there you go. On dry toast or italian bread , it doesn’t matter your mouth will waters before first bite. My kids loves this to take to school . It keeps them fool and for some reason gives them little energy and keeps them focus throughout the remainder of the day. That’s good.  Just zip lock the sandwiches and off you go. I been taking them to work.



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