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 This is a cute & lovable recipe to let someone know you care. What I call love cups is basically a cake with toppings upside down in a cup. With fruit on the top.

All you will need:

  • Desired cake
  • Rainbow sorbet
  • Fruits . Bananas &blueberries
  • Tube and cup of icing
  • LOVE
  • Cookie cutter

This is real easy to make and fun to.  For starters bake your kids favorite cake , red devil , chocolate ,white or vanilla. As it cools, take a cookie cutter to cut out circles so it can fit into the cups.  As for which cups to use it’s really up to you. For my kids I use Correll cups,for parties paper cups.  Now at the bottom of the cup ,I put a blue icing ,the tube kind, and a one spoon full of vanilla frosting. Then add the cookies cut cake on top. With a teaspoon of rainbow sorbet and fresh slice of banana,and blueberries on top. Then that it. So delicious.

And this is also a little trick to get your kids to eat fruit before cake and other junk. Also the cake that you cutted is small compare to a slice of cake. Best of both. Enjoy!


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