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IMG_0566 Lady GAGA

Image by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flickr

Last week my daughter told me my music sucks and I need to get into new artists.  I keep telling her that I’m not old and there  are some artist I like . Kesha, Lady Gaga and others . Well my daughter embarrassed me at my gathering. Makes jokes about Maddona,and En vouge etc.  Especially when I played Tiffany ‘ I think we alone now!” Boy did she and her friends crack up laughing. I was a  little kid when that song came out. They laughed about the stereo system that was carried in the eighties and the clothes. Well They have a point about the clothes .  Boy was she and her friends put on a show.

Well I was determine  for pay back. She threw a get together with her friends that weekend. A friend of theirs just got out of a body cast which he got from falling off a motorcycle. So, everyone was chillin . Listening to Joe, and Kesha and others I can’t name. Here I change the cd and put in Whoddni ‘magic wand.


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