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02-19-07 For Rent

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I feel utmost concern for the people whom resides in the northern states. Prices for rent is unbearable and unreasonable. Especially several  reasons the landlords gives; the oil and gas prices went up , the entitle to raise rent . I ‘m saying hey these prices comes with the responsiblity. I one owns a home they can’t ask anyone to lower their montage or other bills because of maintenance and other fixtures. This is ridiculous. How can the request for more money into the economy when there isn’t none coming in? Sure trains and other reconstructions but how about helping employees at work, rent at reasonable prices. I sure hope the rent increase for the residents in the northern states DOES NOT reach the level that no one could afford.

From what I seen and learn over the years , when status comes to this the population of that generations gets wipe out. This is what we can not afford. People will move to other states or live with relatives or friends just to live . Who can blame them. You can not give what you little you have. Then after a while , populations grew in other states then migration begins all over again. Once history repeat itself so often it comes depressing . I seen the homes up north. Some great and some crummy . It sure doesn’t worth what is asked for it. $1300-$1500. Or you serious??

What to do?

I have friends and family up north and they telling me how frighten things became for everyone. If they will lose their job and/or apt. . Oh boy. There has to be a simpler and better way to figure out  great balance for the residents and economy . How about reduce rent to $847-$1000 range. Find and use an alternative way to use oil. Or let be at use at certain time of day. Allow landlords and building owners buys more oil and electricity in higher bulk or whatever term it’s called, at a certain price. For metrocards and other methods of paying  to use public transportation either bought also in bulk or no increase but better system.

I have several more ideas. What’s  yours?


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