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Deep fried ribs. I cooked this for my kids last night , we all enjoyed it. I ran out of barbeque sauces so  I deep fried the already bake ribs.You can also broil til a crisp. This is good snack to go along a healthy salad, yougut and fresh fruit. This what I had for lunck. There are alot you can do to cut corners and have more varitey. Especially with pork.

Early this week , people was over asking me for favours. I repeated said that I will not work  other people work load or give them a lift to their car. That’s stupid. Then having a long talk with an annoying friend I gave myself a dumb moment. Yep a ‘DUMB MOMENT’ ! Believe me  it helps at time.  I felt so much better. Honesty moments good too.There are other moments that gives yourself a boost once and while. Like; shallow moment, appreciate moments, smell the roses moment. and anger moment. Boy does it relieves the stress and the everyday routine nonsense. Now, I mean be curtieous about it ,no violence in any sort. It’s to help you not to hurt others feelings . The reason I said this ,is because I pass this advice along and she round-up calling her ex and parents . Gave them a mouthful of cruel words. But on the right hand it helps.

My favorite ,shallow moment. I know this doesn’t sound healthy but it works for me. Next thing , perfect balance of mood. acceptance is not all what it cracks up to be. Sometimes instead of having an open mind keep it shut! Well that’s what my Uncle Boochie always says!

Now a fun healthy drink to goes with the ego boost. Ever try root beer with cranberry and pomegranate juice? Or ginger ale with lemonade and other fruit drinks?

Hope you give these a try. Enjoy!!

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6 responses to “Like it or not

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