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I heard this phrase on a video game called “ClockTower 3′ .Not for the reason why I called this dish but just like saying it at times. Slice&Dice is a dish that’s a full of great ingredients that can make other dishes. Since ,money and time is on edge ,one sometimes has to get food on the go! Why ? Make your own on the go little restaurant. I make dishes that I can use for lunches ,snack and stew etc. This way I know what I ‘m getting and save some dollars. Large grocery bill but save you money.

Slice &Dice

I get Pork Shoulder,bacon bits, and Chopped beef stew. As the pork shoulder ,and the beef stew is almost done. I prepared the dressing. Chopped thyme,celery,onions and peppers, and blend it with one spoon of Hellmans Chapito spread.  Next In  a small skillet ,glaze with butter and olive oil add dice red onions or scallions with dice one garlic clove. Let simmer under a medium low flame to perfectly carmel. Then Lets began with the meat. Starting withe Pork shoulder. Slice medium thick slices and throw into the caramel skillet. Then in between add the beef stew then more pork. In that format. This will give each addition  a chance to blend ,adding more flavor. Once you finish adding the desire amount of meat then add some small bits of bacon. Stir well . Then in a container put it all together in the same format with the meat. Blend with a bit of paprika ,soul season, and black pepper. That’s it!

You can make it to taco ,buritto ,sandwich or even a sandwich topper. You could also eat as a salad itself. I prefer on top of a burger. Yeah I know too much, But I love to eat hearty.




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