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In late 80’s or early 90’s I saw this anstonishing thriller suspense movie. It was about a serial killer stalks his victims in the city . Los Angles or Manhattan I’m not sure. Any who this killer first murder; he walks into a disco club wearing a blonde spike wig and clawed a person on stage to death. Detective whom I beleive played by Charles Bronson,works heavy on the case. Next stake out one of them manage to get a hair sample. Which confirmed that it wasn’t a female it was a male. Meanwhile Detective helping a friend who wonders where is her husband. He didn’t came back from the war against the Vietiamess. His body was never found and there is such a hush amongst his fellow troops. Which is being kill one by one by this killer. Dectective put two & two together somehow and found her husband. The guy said his fellow troops wounded him then aboard the helicopter leaving with the Vietanamee. He was touture merciless. When they finally let him go they game a flag . Any sugesstions? I will appreciate it.

The next movie is what the song “It never rains in Southern California ‘ base on. A 70’s film about a guy drove to California to become a star. But his car fails, he didn’t have enough to get it fix or to return home. There he went to terrible circumstances. Even went to jail. Not to go through any other inappropiate details but if you have an idea about the title please let me know. So far all I know __David Graham,forgot his first name, had wote the script.

These movies are on the jeer side then my usual topics but any suggestions again I’ll appreciate it.


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  1. —— performed by .Perhaps Queens Greatest Accomplishment Reviewer A Person 5 25 07..I think this is one of Queens greatest feats-to master rock in a great song while incorporating how fancy and dangerous this Killer Queen really is. You must hear this song….Gunpowder gelatine —-right here i can never figure it out Reviewer Anonymous 5 17 07..i think the word is guillotine.

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