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The good old days. It’s funny those so great memories wasn’t afterall. Probably whats so good was that it’s over. If you really remember how difficult these times was you might have a appreiciation of the way things are today.
Remember when you have to be home to receive a phone call?Siblings fight for phone time. In emergencies,rushing to find a working payphone.
Video games was at a arcade or a corner store. Prices for things was always high for econmic times,that will not change. Most people didn’t have air conditioners ,that was for stores and people that can afford it. Only fans. I remeber fighting my cousin for space infront of the fan and when the fan been on too long you only get warm air in your face.
Nutrition in fast food resturants was a laugh to expect. Nutrition facts wasn’t on all food products.
I remember most was those dolls that only says up to three things. I saw an old commercial on Youtube and it made it sounds like that’s so fancinating. Remember cartoon only came on saturday morning and one hour afterschool?
I tell my kids this when they shows lack of apprieciation of what they have. I guess we all did so one point or so when was adolences.
About several things were better then, music, bigger apartments and I guess common sense.
If you have the time check out some old shows or movies on Youtube and see those commercials. I seen products and store I haven’t thought of in years. Remember Woolworth? Alexander dept store? A&p? The Colby’s and Dynasty? There are alot of great products and shows to remember. Have fun and enjoy!


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