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I been collecting movies and rare cds. It’s fun because searching for one particular and it leads to others.I use to have a small collection years ago but got depended on cable. My collection stop growing by a bunch to a couple I must have. Well, I realized having a good library is pretty important. So my books will have to share space with the dvds.
So far I got Space Jam,Looney Tunes collection vo.l 1 &2.Lassie.
Several three and one movies . I like these the best. I can get more for my money and uses less space on the shelf.
I also trying to get some classic like Alfred Hitchock and Dean Martin movies. My aunt use to drive me crazy with those movies but I really appreciate them now. Funny huh?
For my horror/thriller I still trying to find the name of the movies I recently post about . I manage to get the Master of Horror collection, It some interesting stuff. I also like the Korean and Japenese horror films. It really catch some fear .German films too.
Different types of collections is fun. Enjoy!


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  1. OOOhhh, I just can’t face horror and thriller films. They really make me nervous. You’re so brave.

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