Add a touch to Vanilla Ice cream   2 comments

Have you ever bought some nut or chocolate bits ice cream and get disappointed? There aren’t enough or more nuts than expected. So, I get plain vanilla ice cream and I get Hershey chocolate kissess with almonds. I let the ice cream soften first. Then I fix a bowl of ice cream I just crumble the kissess on top. Or blend it together.
Another way is to add machino cherries on top. I like this better than cherry-vanilla ice cream because the cherries are usual hard and sometimes doesn’t even look like cherries. This way the cherry juice really gives the ice cream an traditional flavor, like in the ice cream palor. It tastes real delicious with metropolitan too.
For those who has a tough stomach and adults you can try a bit of champange. A friend of mine made this one time.
Vanilla soften, nuts, prefer walnuts ,pecans and pictaschino,and pink champange. The same way I describe above but just a spoon of champange.It so delicious. Enjoy!


Posted June 23, 2011 by bluedolly25 in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Add a touch to Vanilla Ice cream

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  1. Oh good lord you have no respect for my thighs, which dutifully expanded as I read this!

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