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To my surprise , an old friend of  mine stills watches soap operas. I shouldn’t talk I used to watch them all the time to the characters made me sick. Well over the years she has been faithful to Bold and the Beautiful, As the Worlds Turns, and General Hospital. Now  , As The World Turns was my show, it always make me laugh. Besides there was always more than one characters I like on the show. Bold and the Beautiful is still the same . This show makes me sick at times. Same dialogue. Ridge and  Brooke ,still love scene which everyone I have to believe are sick of seeing.  Friday , I took the day off, and she brought me up to date on what’s happening. Same crap. We agree to disagree about the Thomas character. She believe he’s a poor youth that doesn’t knows better. To me  , he’s an idiot. The only people I like is Taylor, her daughter,Steffy and Amber. Others are stupid.


And what the hell Stefanie has to feel guilty for? Brooke has been a parasite since the beginning. The Forrester men ,excluding Thorne,are no good.  The women shouldn’t  tolerate  being second best. Especially to a woman in that catogory.Hope, makes me sick, phony purity. How call Ridge ‘dad’ in front of his real bio kids. Plus why they assume everyone will just has to deal with losses instead of them. ‘Have you heard her? ” Your mom is happy,but my mom is not.”My mom , over and over. Like someone has to care. Shoo, if they hurts someone , everyone will have to accept and move on. ” Get pass it. Obnoxious. Isn’t it?

Well that show made me upset . ‘Sorry Grandma , the truth has to come out.”. I would’ve disown  his stinky tail.

I not going to watch it anymore. I finally got my temper down and that’s where it will stay.


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